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Welcome to Lower Hope Gardens

The Gardens at Lower Hope have been created by Mr & Mrs Richards over the last 35+ years.

Their joint passion for gardening and creativity shows at every turn, corner and journey throughout the extensive gardens which are constantly changing.

Sadly Mr Richards passed away in April 2021 but he left plenty of plans and ideas to continue the works in the garden.

Clive and Sylvia Richards Lower Hope Gardens Hereford Cherry Orchard Barns luxury Barns

In September 2021 the Head Gardener Brian Hall was interviewed by BBC Hereford and Worcester on the gardens.  He was given a set of questions in advance which became part of the interview regarding his position here at Lower Hope.


Please click on the recording below to hear the full story which lasts approximately 4.5 minutes. 


Thank you Brian for such amazing words and insight into your passion for life at Lower Hope.

Mr Clive & Mrs Sylvia Richards

Brian Hall Lower Hope Gardens
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To give you an idea of what you are likely to see at our gardens we have added to this home page two compositions of some of the lovely sights you will experience, created by Brian Hall and the second is by Rob Woolf both of whom work at Lower Hope. Please click the videos to play.

The gardens will be open (weather permitting) 5 times in 2024 and the dates listed here we hope that you will enjoy exploring the traditional garden areas, themed gardens as well as the longer walks around the lakes.  Tea/coffee and cakes are offered for sale, please bring cash with you.


There are plenty of seats and benches to be found around the gardens so you can sit back and enjoy the surroundings at your leisure.

The images on this website are a small selection of what you can expect to see. The gardens are constantly changing and growing.


Photography at Lower Hope
You are welcome to take personal photographs of your visit to the gardens but please do not post or publish any images on social media, Google Maps etc showing any of the garden bronzes. If you have previously uploaded images of the bronzes to social media especially Google Maps 
please remove them.

In 2017 Mr & Mrs Richards wrote and published a book on their gardens
"In A Field of Dreams" as they wanted to capture the essence and creativity of how it has all evolved over the years.  This book is offered for sale at all garden open events.

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Visiting the area for a few days?  


Stay at Cherry Orchard Barns just a few minutes away from Lower Hope Gardens.   Fully refurbished luxury barns for hire.

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The Clive Richards Foundation, formerly known as the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity.  Making a Difference to worthy causes in the UK and overseas.

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