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LOWER HOPE GARDENS - In A Field of Dreams

This book was published in 2017 by Ziggurat Design's Angela and Robert after taking almost a year to complete.

All garden images/photographs were taken by Britt Willoughby-Dyer from Ruscombe, Gloucestershire and are subject to copyright.

This book is not available in the shops.

Measuring approximately 8¼" x 8¼" (21 cms x 21 cms) this softback edition has over 160 pages crammed full of beautiful images and photographs of Lower Hope Gardens.

The journey begins in 1983 when the Lower Hope Estate was bought.  You are introduced to each garden area as you journey through the book.  The irrigation systems, the sympathetic planning to ensure that nature and beauty worked in harmony whilst this new venture took shape over many many years.

Hopefully this website gives you an idea as to the delights that await you when you visit.

Each copy is £10 and available only when you visit the garden.  It is not available for mail order.


All proceeds from the sales are donated to charity.

Lower Hope Gardens book In a Field of Dreams
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